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Are You Cloth Curious?


We'll break it down for you

Below you'll find a Style Comparison and Videos of cloth diapering in action to help you decide what style is best for your cutie's booty.

Cloth Diaper Styles

Prefold / Flat

This is what most people think of as a cloth diaper. Although this is the style your grandmother would have used, they are still around because they are absorbant, durable and cost effective.

A Flat diaper is a large unfolded piece of fabric, while a Prefold diaper (pictured) has already been folded/sewn with extra absorption in the middle.

A fastener may be used to help keep the diaper snug.

*These require a waterproof cover on top. 


This style offers a more custom fit than prefold/flat, including leg gussets and either a snap closure or hook & loop (e.g. velcro/aplix).

*These require a waterproof cover on top.

This style has become very popular in recent years.
These consist of a waterproof outer layer sewn to a soft fabric inner lining. There is space between the outer and inner layer where fabric inserts are stuffed. The amount of absorption can be adjusted with the number of inserts and the type of fabric (e.g. hemp, cotton, microfiber).
Because they can be pre-stuffed and ready to go like an All-In-One diaper, these are a favorite among daycares, babysitters, grandparents, etc.

Prefold Diaper Snappi 1 Moose Caboose Di
Prefold Diaper Snappi 2 Moose Caboose Di
Fitted 4 Cloth Diaper Moose Caboose Diap
Fitted Cloth Diaper Moose Caboose Diaper
Pocket 2 Cloth Diaper Moose Caboose Diap
Pocket 1 Cloth Diaper Moose Caboose Diap

All In One

This style is the most similar to a typical disposable diaper. The outer waterproof layer is attached to the inner absorbant layer(s).

There is no stuffing of inserts required, however, there is less ability to customize absorbency. These are another favorite among daycares, babysitters, grandparents, etc.

All In One 2 Cloth Diaper Moose Caboose
All In One Cloth Diaper Moose Caboose Di

All In Two

This is a newer style that is somewhat of a cross between All In One and Pocket diapers. Instead of stuffing pockets, the inserts are typically snapped into place.


Cloth in Action Videos


(For use with any diaper that requires an outer waterproof layer, such as Prefold/Flat, Fitted) 

All In One

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