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What is the delivery service area?

We proudly serve St. Louis City and St. Louis County. If you live nearby, but outside of this area, please contact us to see if we can accommodate. We may expand our service area if there is high demand in nearby counties. 


Sadly, we are no longer providing service to Chicago, Illinois. We miss you!!

I'm expecting a baby. When should I schedule my service to begin?

Go ahead and subscribe as soon as you'd like (or join the waitlist - if applicable) We'll drop off your first delivery 1-2 weeks before your due date. You'll just let us know when you start diapering, and we'll begin pickups the following week on your designated delivery day. 

My baby is already here. How soon can I start service?

That depends on your choice of service. Wash My Stash service can usually begin immediately. We may need 1-2 full weeks to begin rental services. 

When are the diapers delivered?

Your delivery day will be assigned to you based on your location. You will receive your specific service details when you subscribe.  

What's included with my delivery?

Each week, you'll receive a delivery bag that includes your clean diapers and a new pail liner/delivery bag for the upcoming week. If you have ordered any supplies from our online shop, we'll include those also.

Where will the diapers be delivered?

Most families choose their front doorstep. If you have a different preferred location (side/back/garage door), you can provide that info when you subscribe.


If you live in an apartment/condo, we can still leave them at your inside front door if you provide a building code/key, and/or inform the doorperson of your subscription and delivery day,  


You will need to choose a location that is protected from theft, weather, and animals. Some families choose to provide a plastic bin/can outside if their porch area is not protected from weather/animals. You are responsible for the security of your diapers once they are delivered to your address. Please choose your delivery location carefully. 

How do I prepare for pickup?

You can use the pail liner we provide to collect dirty diapers throughout the week (or just toss them into the pail liner for pickup if you'd rather not use a liner in your pail). Then you'll simply put the liner filled with dirty diapers into the delivery bag that you received, and place it outside for pickup from the designated area. 

Can I just purchase the disposable diapers, or do I have to subscribe to a service?

Yes, you can purchase just the disposable diapers in our shop. We offer free delivery for customers in our service area (St. Louis City and County).

Do you offer a discount for twins or multiple children in diapers in one family?

Yes! Let us know how many children you have in diapers and which service(s) interest you. We have an affordable solution for every family.

Is it difficult to sign up?

No way! You have enough to do! You can sign up for service in about the same amount of time that it takes to order a pizza.

Start here.

What is the payment/billing process?

When you subscribe to a service, you will submit your payment for your first week of service only to reserve your spot. Once your baby has arrived, weekly auto-payments will begin during your second week of service.  

Do you offer Gift Cards or Gifted Subscriptions?

What a thoughtful idea!

Gift cards are available for purchase here.

Wash My Stash

Do you wash any kind of diaper and cover?

We are currently able to wash every type of diaper/absorption (All In One/Two, pockets, fitteds, prefolds, flats, etc.).

We are able to wash all standard PUL/TPU diaper covers.

We are not accepting alpaca/wool covers at this time due to the vast differences in laundry care required by different brands/types of wool. We recommend washing these at home with the rest of baby's laundry.  

Why should I invest in my own stash of diapers?

We have more info on this here

Which style of cloth diapers should I get?

Every family will have their own preferences. We have a breakdown of the most common styles here. The popularity of cloth diapering is growing rapidly, so we are also noticing new styles and innovations becoming available more frequently than ever.   

What if I don't have enough diapers in my stash to last an entire extra week while the previous week's are being washed?

There a couple ways we can accommodate:

   1) Hybrid Service:  1/2 Wash My Stash plus 1 pack of disposables delivered weekly. 

   2) We can supplement your stash with our cloth prefolds at no extra charge. 


Cloth Rental

I'm intimidated by cloth diapering...are you sure I can do this?

Totally understandable! New things can be scary at first.

When you sign up, we'll send you some more info and tips on getting the best fit for your baby.

You'll change so many diapers in just the first week of your child's life. Trust us, you'll feel like an expert in no time!

You can also contact us at any time with any questions or concerns.

    **Don't forget - the hardest part about cloth diapering is the laundry, and we've got that covered!** 

How many diapers will I get each week?

The actual number of cloth diapers that you receive will vary by your child's age/size. We'll make sure you always have enough diapers on hand, and you'll let us know when you're ready for the next size.

Do you provide everything I need?

All-In-One Rental service includes the All-In-One style diapers for newborns, and pocket style diapers with absorbent inserts for older babies. You won't need any other diaper components or pieces.

Prefold Rental service includes the cotton prefold diapers only. You will need to either rent or purchase waterproof covers. 

Pail Liner - we include a pail liner each week that you can use to collect the diapers throughout the week. 

Delivery Bag - you will receive your diapers/pail liner inside of a delivery bag with your family's nametag attached. You will use this delivery bag for the following week's pickup. 

How many covers will I need to rent/purchase for prefold rental service?

This is a matter of personal preference. At a minimum, you only need to use 1-2 covers per day because you can simply change out the absorbent prefold and wipe down the cover. Additionally, you can wash the covers with the rest of your baby's clothes in between our pickups if you'd like to purchase/rent fewer. 

However, some parents prefer to use a new cover with each diaper change. And many parents love to have many different colors and styles to choose from and match with baby's outfits. 

Do you wash the rented covers?

This is your choice. We offer rental of either 10 or 20 covers. Some parents want to rent fewer covers and will simply wash them at home with baby's other laundry. Other parent's prefer to rent more covers, so that they can include half of them with the dirty diaper pickup and will have the other half to use until the next week's delivery.

We purchased our own covers. Can you wash those too?

You can purchase your own covers from our shop or from another retailer. Most parents prefer to wash them at home with the rest of baby's clothing. If you want to include them with the dirty diaper pickup, we are happy to wash them for you and return them the following week.

Hybrid Service 

What brands of disposable diapers are included with Hybrid service plans?

We currently offer Nest Baby and Bambo Nature brands of compostable/disposable diapers. 

Cloth Rental
Wash My Stash
Hybrid Service
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