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Cloth Diaper Rental

Don't want to invest in your own diaper stash?
No problem!

Choose between All-In-One diapers or Prefold diapers for weekly rental and laundry service.
We'll adjust the size and quantity of diapers as your baby grows, making sure you always have what you need. 

All-In-One Pocket Style Diapers

Pocket 2 Cloth Diaper Moose Caboose Diap
Pocket 1 Cloth Diaper Moose Caboose Diap

Pocket diapers that are pre-stuffed and ready to go are perfect for
new parents and daycare providers.

There are no extra steps! You just pop it on like you would a disposable diaper. Plus it's super easy to add an extra insert if you need more absorption for heavy wetters or overnight wear.

Prefold Diapers

The Classic! These super absorbent, 100% cotton prefold diapers are still around for a reason.
They get the job done!

Prefold Diaper Snappi 1 Moose Caboose Di
Prefold Diaper Snappi 2 Moose Caboose Di
Diaper Cover Moose Caboose Diaper Servic

What about the waterproof diaper covers?

Many parents prefer to purchase their own covers, so they can choose colors and styles that best coordinate with their child's wardrobe.

Others prefer to add Cover Rental
to their weekly Prefold Rental Service, so that they have one less thing to think about.

Pro tip: since you won't know your child's size at birth (or possibly whether it's a boy or girl), you can plan to rent covers for the first couple of weeks.

This can save you from having to purchase covers in both newborn and larger sizes. Specific sizing varies by brand, but in general, some babies are large enough at birth to fit into Size One, while others are smaller nuggets that can stay in the Newborn size for several months.

This can even vary from child to child within one family.

Rental Service Plans

All  Service Plans Include Laundry & Delivery

  • All-In-One Rental

    Every week
    Beginner-friendly and perfect for daycare & babysitters.
    • Weekly All-In-One Rental Service
    • Minimum 4 Week Commitment
  • Cloth Prefold Rental

    Every week
    The "Classic" cloth diaper.
    • Weekly Prefold Rental Service
    • Minimum 4 Week commitment
  • 10 Rental Covers

    Every week
    Best choice if you plan to wash at home with baby's clothes.
    • 10 Covers (neutral mix)
  • 20 Rental Covers

    Every week
    Best choice if you plan to include them with diaper pickup.
    • 20 Covers (neutral mix)
  • Cloth Prefold + AIO

    Every week
    Half Prefold / Half All-In-One
    • Weekly Laundry & Delivery
    • Minimum 4 Week Commitment
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