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Rainbowsaurus Pocket Diaper - Balloons

Rainbowsaurus Pocket Diaper - Balloons


From Rainbowsaurus:


Party Hardy Collection

Version 2 with eco-friendly recycled plastic fabric ( featuring

    • Double snaps at the ends allow for a tight hold across the waist and leg elastics. Additional hip snaps help secure the wings, keeping the cloth diaper in place and staying comfier for your little one.
    • Inside lined with athletic wicking jersey, which helps wick moisture off of the bum and pull it into the insert. Leaves your little one dryer.
    • New to this collection, outer PUL layer is more eco-friendly, made from fabric composed of recycled plastic bottles.
    • Tummy panel, adds another layer of protection around the belly. Stops liquids from leaking out the front, especially for belly-sleepers.
    • Elastic on the outside PUL layer keeps the mess in. No elastic on the inside athletic wicking jersey layer means it's easier to stuff (for those who stuff many at a time, too tight elastic can start to hurt the wrist!) Also helps inserts come out in the wash without having to unstuff.
    • Double pocket openings at the back and the front, for when a poopsplosion makes the back opening hard to use. Also allows for better flow of air to keep baby comfortable. Better flow of water allow inserts to slip out in the wash without unstuffing.

    • Fits babies 7-35 pounds.


    *Absorbent Inserts Sold Seperately*

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