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Texas Tushies Pocket Diaper - Pastel Tie Dye

Texas Tushies Pocket Diaper - Pastel Tie Dye


From Texas Tushies:


This is a one size pocket diaper fitting babies approximately 10-40lbs.    


Dirty closure snaps These allow for secure and sanitary storage of soiled diapers.

Simply fold the diaper (similar to rolling a disposable diaper), then fasten the snaps securely.  The snaps can also provide additional sizing options if needed.


Athletic wicking jersey material

Our jersey material is a light fabric that’s comfortable and helps keep your baby cool and dry, especially on those hot texas summer days!


Tummy panels

Our tummy panels feature a 4cm panel that keeps moisture away from your baby’s



Wide pocket opening

The wide pocket opening allows for any size insert to be easily stuffed into the diaper.


*Absorbent Inserts Sold Seperately* 

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