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Should I Invest in a Stash?

Did you know cloth diapering can save you money!?

With quality products and proper care, cloth lasts a very long time. If you invest in your own stash, you can use them again with future children, or can plan to sell them. The resale market is very active. You could even purchase your entire stash 'pre-loved'.

Did you know modern cloth diapers can match your personal style and values?

There are many large cloth diaper producers and smaller specialty brands. There are brands owned by women, BIPOC, and work-at-home-moms. There are brands from all over the world, and even some that are completely sourced and produced in the United States.


Modern cloth diapers come in so many styles, colors, and patterns. There are diapers available to match any personal style. From cutesy and whimsical, to florals, animal prints, muted colors and pastels, to holiday themes, political preferences, and comic-book inspired art. 

No matter your style, there are diapers out there to match!

For these reasons and more, cloth diapering is becoming mainstream again.

You’ll find beautiful photo evidence of this all over social media – in Tiktok videos, Instagram hashtags, and countless Facebook groups dedicated to the cloth diapering lifestyle.


We get it. No matter how cute your baby is – you don’t want to deal with the messiest part, and you definitely don’t need more chores to do!

So let us take care of it for you!


You can have all of the fun picking out the adorable diapers from brands you want support, without any of the dirty work that comes with diaper laundry.

We'll wash your stash!

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